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Christopher Eccleston shocks Fans with his RETURN as DOCTOR WHO despite Promising to Never Reprise the Role!!!

As Christopher Eccleston had promised he would never return back for the Doctor Who role, everyone is surprised because this time he is returning!

Christopher Eccleston will be returning as the Time Lord in Doctor the very next year. Who knew that he will be doing this besides claiming he had never go back to the role? Whopping 15 years it took, for the actor to appear on the screen. The audio series released in May next year.

You must know the name of the producer of the Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures, its nothing but The Big Finish. In 2013, the show was declined to be raised in the 5oth anniversary special. As the Day Of The Lord, there will be other Time Lords too.

Christopher Eccleston SHOCKS fans with his RETURN as Doctor Who despite promising to never reprise the role!!!

Christopher’s comments…

Given such a catastrophic year, there will be an emergence of certain good news for Christopher has changed his mind. Our actor, comments on the following-“After 15 years, it will be exciting to revisit the Ninth Doctor’s world, bringing back to life a character I love playing.”Our viewers of the show were upset after Christopher left the show in the sci-fi drama.

And he even explained his autobiography, I Love the Bones Of You and The Making Of Me. Our actor had been suffering from dysmorphia and depression when the show was being filmed. And follows the writing of Chris,” People love the way I look in that series, but I was very ill. The reward for that illness was the part. And therein lies the perpetuation of the whole sorry situation.”

Actor’s appearance on the Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s BBC Radio 2 show….

And the actor further comments on his Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s BBC Radio 2 show appearance- “I made an agreement I would say nothing about my departure. And I honored that because I was looking after the production.”And that is why he was named the third most popular Doctor by the readers of the Doctor Who magazine in 2006.

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