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Dawnye Johnson shares Heartfelt Message & Advice via Insta after he & his Family Tests Positive for Coronavirus!!

On Wednesday, the wrestler turned Hollywood star, Dawnye Johnson, popularly known as The Rock shared via Instagram that he and his wife and children tested positive for the Coronavirus a few weeks ago. He also said that he is now recovering and gave a message to the world via the social media platform about wearing the mask. He gave the message to the world by uploading a video of eleven minutes.

In the Instagram post, Dawnye said that he and his wife and their two daughters caught the virus from very close family friends about two and a half weeks ago. He did not have any idea about getting the virus or how they got infected.

The Instagram Video of Dawnye Johnson

Dwayne started the video by saying that he wanted to give a little helpful update to everyone about everything that has been going on in his life. He also told everyone to take all the necessary measures required for fighting the virus. He said about getting the virus by his family and that has been one of the most difficult and challenging things they had to endure personally and as a family.

Dwayne further said that his main priority was to protect his children. Now, they have gotten through the virus together and are happy and healthy.

More about the video

Dwayne revealed about getting the virus from close family friends they trusted and loved. So, now even greater discipline has to be applied for calling someone over even if they are family, friends, or loved ones. He further said to get them tested because no one never knows.

He also said that the commitment to wellness and health should be greater. The immunity system of everyone should be boosted and for achieving this purpose everyone should be doing everything.