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Dennis Rodman: From Poverty to Endorsing Donald Trump!!! UNTOLD TRUTH about the Great Basketball Athlete!!!

By Rajal Ghai

Dennis Rodman is a great basketball athlete. He is a hall of fame in the field. Long before social media even existed, he became a celebrity influencer. He was a great basketballer and later turned into a reality star.

Dennis Rodman’s early life!

In an interview at the age of 29 years, Dennis Rodman said that his upbringing was very difficult and there was a lot of poverty. He started to work at a restaurant in Dallas. He earned $60 per night and then thought he was earning a lot of money. Dennis was earning a lot at the time of the interview. He was in a deal of $2.6 million with Detroit Pistons. He always had the feeling to give back what he has earned.

Once when Dennis Rodman was returning home from a restaurant with his teammates he saw a homeless pregnant woman. He helped her by giving her $250 dollars which he had with him at that moment. Dennis stated that if he had $1000, he would have given her that as well. He always thinks that there are many needy people around the world. He thinks they deserve the money more than he did at the time.

Dennis Rodman constantly keeps giving his money to the needy. He said that he can’t help everyone but he can help someone. Rodman always donates his money to the needy when he finds them. He donated a lot of money and said that he is making millions. He rather knows how it feels to be homeless and poverty.

Dennis endorsed Donald Trump!

Dennis Rodman even endorsed Donald Trump once when he was not a politician. He said Donald Trump is a good businessman and America needed him. Later Donald Trump became the President of America.

Dennis Rodman married Carmen Electra and they divorced really soon after. They did it all in a hurry and later found out that things were not working. Electra later said that things were like best when they were good and the worst when they were bad.

No matter what happened in his life Dennis Rodman was still a real social influencer at that time. He will be remembered as a great human being forever.

Rajal Ghai