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Dimitri Hamlin: Things you didn’t know about the son of Harry Hamlin and 60s’ icon Ursula Andress!!!

Those of you know Dimitri Hamlin, let me tell you, he is the son of Harry Hamlin and 60s icon Ursula Andress…

Our Harry Hamlin is known for his family with RHOBH star Lisa Rinna. Who even knew he shares a son with 60s icon Ursula Andress? Dimitri Hamlin is Harry Hamlin’s first child. You must know that Harry Hamlin is a star couple with star Lissa Rinna. You must also know that before that he dated ’60s icon, Ursula Andress.

Who Is Dimitri Hamlin? 5 Things On Harry Hamlin & Ursula Andress's ...

And Hamlin’s birthday…

In the context of Dimitri Hamlin, he was born in 1980, as the child of Harry Hamlin and Ursula Andress. As Dimitri is quite grown up now, he has made his star appearance in a movie named “Season 10 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Given the fact that Harry Hamlin was enthralled with Ursula Andress, Lissa Rinna shares the following facts, He was with Ursula Andress at the time and they had a child, she lived here.”Our celebrity couple Harry and Ursula came together during the filming of the epic mythology movie, which was released in 1981.

Lissa Rinna’s comments…

And Lissa Rinna continues,” Ursula is the movie star that you would imagine. He said she called him and said, ‘Harry, come to my room.’ And so he did, at 28 years old, he went in and she got pregnant that night. And that was that, at 44. First time.”

Our Dimitri Hamlin further jokes that he has several copies of his parent’s movie. The Greek Mythology movie had Harry as the son of Zeus and Ursula playing the role of Aphrodite. As Dimitri’s mother also spelled in big pictures like Casino Royale (1967) and She (1965), that’s to be written down!

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