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Dog The Bounty Hunter Has Lost 17 Pounds Since Wife Beth Chapman’s Death! What More? Check Out Right Here!!

By Anurag Gade

Beth Chapman, along with husband Dog The Bounty Hunter, first starred together in a reality show. It has been a year since the passing of Beth Chapman. Chapman was battling cancer and had to put in a medically induced coma. Beth and Dog were stars of the show which chronicled the adventures of their own family-owned bounty hunting business.

However, Beth lost her battle to cancer and passed away in June 2019 aged 51. It has been a year since Beth Chapman left the world. But it seems like Dog’s life is still in limbo. According to insider sources, Dog The Bounty Hunter is still finding it difficult to accept the fact that Beth is no more.

Dog, The Bounty Hunter, Has Lost 17 Pounds Since Wife Beth Chapman’s Death!

Dog The Bounty Hunter a.k.a Duanne Chapman lost 17 Pounds in the weeks following his wife’s death in June. The reality TV star said in an interview that couldn’t eat, sleep, or do anything except keep grieving for his wife.

However, Dog recently opened up about his struggle to post his wife’s death during an interview. Dog said that losing all that weight was extremely beneficial to his health. However, Dog continues to struggle with his grief. Dog was by Beth’s side throughout her entire battle with cancer. Dog said that he had to force-feed himself like he used to do with his late wife. He had trouble reading menus at a restaurant as it was Beth who decided what food he would order. In addition to not eating, Dog also has had problems with sleeping. He ends up staying awake the entire night and just mourning the loss of his beloved wife.

According to Dog, the sleeping issue started when Beth fell sick. He found it challenging to sleep night after night as his wife fought for her life in the hospital.

Anurag Gade