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Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley Love story and their sudden marriage news shocks fans! Read here

By Abhishek Singh

The 100 stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley won our hearts in the Netflix’s dark post-apocalyptic series. Immersing and captivating us with it’s the dark and brutal setting of earth filled with radiation of nuclear weapons. With two wounded souls who find solace and comfort in each other combined with their unparalleled chemistry. The chemistry between Clarke and Bellamy was so good that fans couldn’t resist the urge to ship the characters together. And wishing the stars to get back with each other in real life.

Unbeknownst to them, their wish came true and the 100 stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley announced their wedding together. And caught the fans off guard with this sudden and exciting news for fans who wished for the power couple to mingle together. Wondering how Bob proposed to Eliza and what led to them falling for each other? Then read on more to know about the couple and their plans for the future.

How did the couple announce their wedding?

Turns out both Eliza and Bob were in love and a relationship for some time, but both very private about their life. They decided to keep it a secret, and most surprisingly, and unpredictably. The couple took to Twitter to announce their marriage to fans, and as expected, many were shocked and confused. The stars posted a picture of themselves wearing beautiful rings in their hands.

Bob also took to twitter to share his good news of him and Eliza finally married together and starting a new chapter in their lives. A bond they both cherish and respect the sanctity of their love.

The couple secretly married each other in secret and united with each other in Manana hills estate in Hawaii on June 6. Reverend James Chun was also present in the venue in Hawaii blessed and declared the couple as married.

Eliza and Bob exes.

Both couples had their fair share of relationship and dating history in their personal lives. Bob was in a relationship with Jessica Tovey, they dated for two years from 2007 to 2008. Later Bob was in limelight for dating Jane Gosdey in 2013. Eliza also had her history of dating successful men like Lincoln Lewis and Brett Tucker. Sadly it didn’t work out for Eliza and she finally found her destined one “Bob Morley.

Although Clarke and Bellamy are no longer in the post-apocalyptic series “The 100” we wish the couple to be together forever.

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