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“Gonna go hard this month” says Justin Bieber in his latest Instagram post, Justin’s workout routine revealed!!!

By Alquamah Nasir

In this coronavirus pandemic during the lockdown, many people are looking forward to a fitness routine and making an effort to better their physical outlook.

And in the middle of all this and Justin Bieber, the famous singer is utilizing is lockdown period to improve his fitness.

New Post !!!!

The 26-year-old Singer study posted a shirtless photo on his Instagram wall suggesting that his fans and friends should pick up a fitness routine and stick to it. In the picture, Justin Bieber is seen showing his upper body which is full of tattoos and this photo does not come as a surprise as Justin Bieber is sharing his shirtless photos for a long time now.

Justin’s last trend…

The last time the singer was trending on the internet was because of his defamation suit of 20 million US dollars against women after he was a list of sexual misconduct by them on Twitter. the accuser Daniel on June 20th tweeted a lengthy statement on her Twitter account describing the sexual assault on her in March 2014 in Texas. The other woman name Kadi also treated about sexual assault on her by Justin in New York on her Twitter account.

Justin’s workout routine.

Justin Bieber’s trainer Patrick Nilsson once spoke about Justin Bieber’s workout regime. Justin is trying to gain some muscle mass by doing a classic bodybuilding routine exercise. He also mentioned that Justin is a lifter and he lifts weights five times a week for about 45 minutes per session, this workout is accompanied by a three-day full-body exercise. He also stated that Justin works abs every alternative day with legs and back and triceps in between.

Inspiration for fans

Justin Bieber is the youngest singer to achieve such a milestone has always been an inspiration for many of his fans and in my view, Justin’s post of his workout routine may also encourage his fans to take up healthy habits and get their dream physic.

Alquamah Nasir