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Halsey Roasts Cole Sprouse With Her Hilarious Series of Tweets! What Did She Write? Find Here

By Abhishek Singh

We always have a make-belief perception of celebrities staying in the limelight, the controversies surrounding their actions, and whatnot. And there are some celebrities, who have a humorous side of them and they’re not afraid to show it. Either to fans or their friends and family. Ryan Reynolds possesses the same crass humor and witty comebacks with Hugh Jackman.

Recently Halsey and Cole Sprout who plays Jughead in Riverdale has shared some interesting tweets. And some of them are downright hilarious with a deep sense of humor both stars exchanged. And who doesn’t love a good amount of humor with jokes? As their conversation with each other hints that they’re related to each other. Does this mean something like a hidden clue they left for the fans? or is it our baseless speculation of the whole situation?. Read on more to know about their hysterical tweets and the meaning behind it.

What led to their hilarious series of tweets with each other.

It all started with the Gasoline singer replied to a fan’s tweet. Where she shared an adorable video of her young self in a play. Sh wrote the captions “Baby ash doing theatres is probably the cutest thing ever @halsey”. To escalate things into a more fun way she retweeted the post saying. “How do you know this is me and not @colesprouse @dylansprouse in that long blond wig hmm?!.

It didn’t take very long for Cole and fans to notice the tweet posted by Halsey and the Riverdale star gave the best witty comeback to Halsey tweet. He sent a picture of him dressed up as Tyreesha from the Disney show “Suite Life of Zack and Cody”.

Fans couldn’t stop holding back with responding to the tweeting of both stars and they joked about that they could be related.

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