Harry Styles will be your BED TIME STORYTELLER!!! Just download this APP!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Having a problem with sleeping??? If you wish Harry Styles to tell a bedtime story for you then your dream is going to come true. Yes. Harry Styles is lending his voice to Calm which is a sleeping app. Read out the blog post to know about how and where you can listen to the British accent, calm and soft voice of Harry Styles!

Having problems with Sleeping?

We all know that in the present world which is full of disturbances, problems, distractions, it is very hard to fall asleep and to get a calm and blissful sleep. But you can get a beautiful sleep when a soothing and rasping voice reads a bedtime story for you. And now this has been possible through various sleeping Apps. But if you want to listen to the story in your favorite singers and stars’ voice, then your dream has come true. The app has been bringing various famous personalities like Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Rowland, and Harry Styles to read out a bedtime story for you.

Yes. You read it correctly. Harry will read out a bedtime story for you so then you can have a beautiful sleep.

Your favorite singer will read out a bedtime story for you:

Harry Styles has voiced a bedtime story for the Sleep App named Calm. The announcement was done by the official account of the Calm app on twitter as well as Instagram. The account posted a short video clip at the end of which you will listen to Harry’s soothing voice saying, “Hello, I’m Harry Styles.”

Till now we have no news about what story Harry will be reading out. Harry’s story will drop in the app on 8th July. So get ready to listen to it. The app gives you seven days pf free trial but you would have to pay a premium membership of $70.

I am sure this news is already giving you goosebumps and the excitement level is something one cannot imagine.

Anchal Gupta