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How did Jennifer Aniston Feel When Brad Pitt and Angelina Had Some Serious Photo Shoot Theme Just After the Former Got Divorced. Read On To Know More.

By Priyanka Peddinti

It seems all is not well among a trio of Hollywood superstars. Jennifer Aniston, or otherwise popularly referred to as Jen, has disparaged Brad Pitt after they both had a steamy photo-shoot together. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a very beautiful and mesmerizing love story together. It acted as a sort of inspiration for all. Also, it was this same love story that dealt a crushing blow when the news of Angelina’s affair with Brad came out in light to everyone. Among them, was Jen. He was heartbroken. However, a few months later, when things started to return to normalcy, that is after some seven months, both of them, I mean Brad and Angelina had scheduled a steamy photoshoot together.

Alright, I suppose the background is quite clear now. Let us now delve a little deep into the story. Here is Jen’s interview. Make sure to catch the things, it will provide the scenario from his perspective. Let us go back in time, to the period when Jen and Brad were recently divorced. Back then, Brad was cent percent sure that he did not cheat on Jen. However, seven months into their separation, Brad had organized a photo-shoot with Angelina. It would not have ruffled feathers had it been a normal one; however, it seems this was too hot for Jen to handle. Especially, that coming after a messy divorce.
When asked a few questions on this topic by Vanity Fair, we felt the sudden pinch in her heart. Jennifer revealed she had not had the faintest amount of information about this commercialized photo op, and also Brad earning money from it. Well, a little on the photoshoot now.

It was around 60 pages long session, partnered with W Magazine, which is Australian based. It was also a collaboration project between Brad and photographer Steven Klein. However, the timing was bad; the photoshoot was organized when rumors of Brad and Angelina having an affair were spreading like wildfire. The theme of the shoot also, a bit strange. It had Brad and Angie acting like a couple taking care of their brood of kids. Some were even more intimate. With Brad carrying her onto the bed and dancing cheek to cheek. Something did not go down too well with Jennifer.

However, after almost a decade of staying apart. Both of them had a brief meeting at an award show. It was at Screen Actors Guild Awards. What reminded people of the olden days was when both of them hugged each other and kissed each other.

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