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Hugh Jackman Showing His Perfect Body Seen on the Beach with Wife Deborra-Lee, Click to Know More.

By Manan Jain

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman was seen on the beach in the Hamptons. He was accompanied by his wife Deborra-Lee. Read below to know everything!

Hugh Jackman, 51, is with his wife Deborra-Lee, 64, for 25 years now and the couple still seems as cute as they were before. Both of them were seen enjoying the beach together. Hugh wore black swimming shorts with grey sneakers showing his perfect and muscular physique, while Deborra was seen in grey pants with a black t-shirt. She wore the same shoes as her husband but in white color, along with pink sunglasses and a cowboy hat to save herself from the sun. The two of them took a dip in the water.

Hugh Jackman received an Emmy nomination for his role in the HBO movie Bad Education. The couple had been married in 1996. He had confessed back in March, that he was looking forward to spending more time with his dear wife Deborra-Lee in the quarantine. At the start of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic crisis, Deborra-Lee flew to Australia with their son Oscar, 20, and their daughter Ava, 15. She had directed a few episodes of the show Neighbours. But as soon as the pandemic began to grow, the family decided that the three should return to New York.

Hugh Jackman got selected for an Australian show Correlli with Deborra-Lee just after drama school. He was in the same car with her, when they first met. He told that she first took off her glasses, turned around, and shook his hand. That moment he knew that he liked her. After that, he had invited around 20 people for a dinner party, and Deborah came too. She asked him why has he stopped talking to her and he confessed that he liked her, and to his surprise, she said she had a crush on him too! Hugh revealed he never thought she would reciprocate.

Hugh Jackman told in an interview, that he still learns many things from her and as does she from him. He likes how she is funny and smart. The pandemic has brought them closer, he confessed.

The fans of Deborra-Lee and Hugh who follow and admire the couple still appreciate and learn many things from them. They are the best together!

Manan Jain