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Iron Man, Captain America, or the Mighty Thor, Who has the Most Followers on Instagram from the OG Avengers Cast? Click to Know More.

By Manan Jain

Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth, who is the most followed OG Avenger on Instagram? Read below to know more.

Instagram arguably is the leading social media application in today’s generation. Teenagers around the world enjoy using this app, many of them even getting highly addicted to it. But don’t think that only teenagers use this little beast, the number of adults on Instagram is also increasing day by day. Most of the celebrities from all around the world have their verified Instagram handle now, controlled if not by them, then their team. People can post their desired videos and photos on their Instagram account.

The Avengers original cast consisting of Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) have become very popular among the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe and also among cinephiles. If their social media handles are compared, Robert Downey Jr leads with a whopping 46 million followers on Instagram! He regularly posts about his upcoming projects and also pictures with friends and family. Following him is Chris Hemsworth, with 43 million followers. He also keeps his fans updated about himself by regularly posting different aspects from his daily life, and obviously by posting and promoting his projects.

Next comes the big green hulk, with 18 million followers. Mark too, is regular with his posts and doesn’t disappoint his fans. Jeremy Renner, with 14 million followers follows Mark with his life updates on Instagram. And in the end, our very own Captain, with almost 5 million followers. Chris Evans has recently joined Instagram only on the 2nd of May 2020 and is also gaining followers rapidly. He said he will post many pictures of his dog, all of which he loves but thinks are a waste just existing on his phone! Scarlett is still not on Instagram, but the fans can only hope of seeing her on the platform soon.

Manan Jain