Is Amal Clooney refusing to sleep beside George Clooney? is it true?

By Abhishek Singh

In a coupe’s life, many misunderstandings and resentment always come together during their marriage or in a relationship. Maybe the husband doesn’t pay any attention to her, or there’s something he’s lacking, Which the wife is furious about. Every couple has these moments to live for. And it seems like things aren’t working out too well for George Clooney, as his wife Amal is pretty upset with him. And their differences have increased to a great degree. George doesn’t mind taking care of his children. But he allegedly feels like he’s on house arrest since Amal is pretty busy at work.

Although there’s no evidence of these rumors and many consider it to be a hoax. “Amal has a controlling streak, especially when George’s not around. She keeps wondering what’s he up to and gets angry when he misses her calls. A source close to the couple said. Read on more to know about why Amal is upset with George and refuses to sleep beside him.

George and Amal’s fights have become more intense.

Another friend close to the couple stated that George and Amal’s fights have become more brutal and intense. And there are times when the couple sleeps in different rooms.

“They been together for a couple of years and they don’t sleep together in the same room because of their differences. He’s not the type that cheats, and can’t figure out why someone as beautiful and intelligent as Amal could be jealous”. The source cited.

George doesn’t always want to stay at home.

The source also clarified that Syriana actor doesn’t always like to be the one who stays at home. He has a passionate career and friends that want to spend time with him. “Although George doesn’t mind staying t home and watching sports and action flicks once in a while. Sometimes his boys and he go to a last-minute trip to Lake Como villa or preparing pizzas before going out on a long motorcycle ride. Now and then he gets frustrated and a little stir-crazy. They’ve been arguing about where they should raise their children. Amal wants to send her kids to a private school in London and George wants to send their kids to a school in the United States.

Rumors proved to be false.

The couple has been dragged into several rumors including relationship issues and some claiming that the couple is divorced. Having Amal has proved to be the greatest thing in George’s life ever happened. His close friends know this and George is pretty happy with his family and kids.

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