Is Justin Bieber really related to Canadian actor Ryan Gosling? Here’s everything we know so far along with another surprise!!!

By author.divka

Genetic genealogy is big business at this time. Getting your DNA sequencing done is the new craze these days! It has become extremely affordable now. Even websites on the internet are performing DNA sequencing for a couple of hundred dollars! All you have to do is send a sample of your spit to the company, pay the fee, and get your unique database of DNA information. Albeit slightly shady, these tests claim to reveal everything from your ancestry to potential health risks. So, let’s look into Justin Bieber’s Genetic genealogy.

Are Justin and Ryan related?

Influencers and celebrities have also tried this new trend! In fact, in the year 2019, Justin Bieber used his Instagram account to share his family tree. He got this family tree via, one of the most popular genetic genealogy sites in the world. It showed how the Canadian singer is related to another Canadian actor, Ryan Gosling. Bieber and Ryan are 11th cousins. We might have another surprise…

What’s the surprise?

In the same family tree shared by Bieber from, it was also revealed that he has one more famous relative. It’s Avril Lavigne, the popular singer!!!

Justin Bieber claims the results to be reliable, and exclaimed that it might have been the best day of his life! While Gosling is an 11th cousin, Avril seems to be a more immediate family member. People often observed a similarity in their behaviors. Guess we have an explanation now! reveals Ryan, Justin, and Avril might be distant cousins!

How did Ryan and Avril react?

Avril Lavigne ecstatically reacted to this new revelation. She wanted to host Christmas dinner for her newly discovered family. Ryan Gosling has not made any comments on this matter yet.

We might have more news…

Surprisingly, Avril Lavigne is also related to the Canadian Dion family. We do not know her direct relation with Celine Dion.