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Is Katie Holmes Dating Justin Theroux? Is It Serious? Read More To Find Out About Their Alleged Relationship

By Anurag Gade

Ever since Katie Holmes broke up with Tom Cruise, she has been on a dating spree. The Jack and Jill actress was in several relationships post her split with Tom. However, all her relationships seem to have gone downhill until she met Jamie Foxx. Katie and Jamie started dating way back in 2013 and were an extremely private couple. However, the couple split in 2019 following six years of dating.

Fans were happy that Katie finally found herself another good man in Jamie Foxx following her split with Tom Cruise. However, the couple threw in the towel in 2019 after six years of relationship. Jamie and Katie were well known for being a highly independent couple and unlike the rest. But after six years of dating, the couple finally called it quit in 2019. Since then, both of them have moved on and are happy in their lives.

Is Katie Holmes Dating Justin Theroux? Is It Serious?

Following her split with Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight. The Hollywood actress has made her presence her scarce in reel as well as real life. However, it seems that Katie’s life isn’t as private as she wants it to be. An insider source has revealed that Katie Holmes is dating Justin Theroux.

As per reports, the two have been dating over the past four months. Katie sparked off rumors of her relationship after she introduced Justin Theroux to her daughter Suri Cruise. The two were spotted dining at a restaurant in New York in November 2019. ET had initially reported that Katie and Justin had developed feelings for each other back in March 2020. Another source has revealed that the two have gotten extremely close and have kicked their relationship up a notch.

Justin and Katie both live in New York and are occasionally spotted enjoying their favorite spots together. The alleged couple has been sneaking around the city inconspicuously which they couldn’t do back in Los Angeles. Katie and Justin are both bookworms, and Katie reportedly took Justin to a book fair recently.

Anurag Gade