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Joey Essex Celebrates Birthday With A Jungle Themed Pool Party – Tap to Explore More Details Here!

By Dhenakar VP

Theme Birthday parties are a rage these days, highlighting with celebrities.

Moreover, the latest gossip coming from the birthday party of Joey Essex.

The television show star celebrated his 30th birthday with a jungle-themed pool party. And this party had a huge snake, a lizard, huge cinema in back, and several statues of exotic animals.

Joey Essex knows how to have fun on birthday and most notably how to throw a party.

He throws his 30th birthday party at his massive mansion and invited his friends and family to the party.

Moreover, Joey gave the details of the party on his Instagram. Furthermore, this party doesn’t just about statues of wild and exotic animals, it has some real ones.

There are some exotic animals at the party and in one pic, we can see him holding a lizard on a leash.

In that, another picture that he shared, has a giant yellow-white snake around his shoulder.

(You can see the snap-on top.)

On that day, they enjoyed the pool, dancing, and drinking around. The evening was all about a cinema in his garden with a big screen and seats.

Apart from that, Joey Essex made the perfect day to introduce his girlfriend “Brenda Santos” to everyone.

According to the source, “Joey was so excited to introduce his girlfriend to the family and celebrate his birthday.”

He is sure that he googled the law about how many people he could have over and had loads of sanitizer knocking about.

Moreover, Brenda Santos was originally from Brazil but she lives in London.

The pair were last spotted in Ibiza on the previous week. Brenda, with her black string bikini, and cuddling to Joey.

Dhenakar VP