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Joey King and Jacob Elordi are back together? Both are back together for the shooting of Kissing Booth 2 . Does this affect their off screen relationship. Read to know more about what’s going on between the two

The Timeline

Ever since the release of the Netflix hit The Kissing Booth, rumors of Joey King and Jacob Elordi dating were rife. King, who plays the role of Elle Evans, a schoolgirl who falls in love with a bad-boy-gone-good archetype Noah Flynn, played by Jacob Elordi. Their relationship lasted for two years before going turbulent and getting called off by a mutual decision.

In an interview with Bello magazine, King opened up about her relationship with Elordi. She claimed that she found him cute and that they hit it off pretty well as friends. Before their friendship went down the sharing-gross-jokes road and she realized that she liked him. She remarked upon the excitement of having your boyfriend as your co-star and the time they get to spend together. About a month into filming, King started looking at Elordi as more than “pal”, as quoted by Seventeen magazine. Sadly, the couple split up soon and both of them deleted their pictures from each other’s Instagram handles. No trace of their relationship can be found online.

Date with Destiny

But fate had other plans for them as several months post their split, the streaming giant Netflix announced a sequel to the surprise hit: The Kissing Booth 2 with all the actor reprising their roles and some new characters getting into the roster.

The aftermath of the Affair

In July of 2019, the Emmy-nominated King opened up about the break-up and talked about how pervasive and invading the media is and how it leeches off of someone’s suffering. She emphasized that some things are just meant for the person to go through, and not involve the entire world.

Elordi on the other hand is relatively cool-headed about the whole public affair thing and remarked that he just tends to ignore it all. He maintains that he has been very distant about the invasion of his privacy by telling himself that it’s just his name that is being scrutinized in the public eye, not himself.

Happy Ending?

Both Elordi and King have seemingly moved on from their break-up, and have allegedly started seeing other people. There were speculations of Elordi being uncomfortable during the shoot of The Kissing Booth 2, but his statements prove otherwise. King herself seems to be comfortable around Elordi again, as she has posted several of their pictures on Instagram promoting the new release. She is now dating Steven Piet of The Act and Elordi is allegedly dating his co-star Zendaya however they are yet to confirm the same.