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John Oliver Examines Why U.S. “History” Varies So Wildly From State to State. Everything You Need is Right Here!!

John Oliver is a famed TV personality and comedian with a late-night tv show to his name. This HBO’s show – Last Week Tonight is a satirical view on the news on various topics, occurred in the past seven days. Currently, however, John Oliver has started a new informative segment on his show, which seems to make many Americans uncomfortable about their history, as well as their current political and social climate. In this twenty-eight minutes segment, John Oliver has rightfully said – Ignoring the history you don’t like isn’t a victimless act.  Read more to find out –

John Oliver slams ‘white supremacist history of America’ taught in schools

The United States of America has no national standards for the education of children in the subject of history. The syllabus is majorly left to the individual state mandates. And according to an article cited by Oliver, “seven states do not directly mention slavery in their state standards, only two mentions white supremacy, while 16 list states’ rights as a cause of the Civil War.”

John Oliver highlights the three most common mistakes in our American history education.
First – our refusal to fully acknowledge and take complete responsibility for the dire history of white supremacy in America. This includes the infamous – KKK.
Second – the continuous but inaccurate framing of American progress, as if it was constantly and inevitably upward, as quoted by John. This lets people believe the false notion that they would also have supported the Underground Railroad while simultaneously disapproving the modern civil disobedience.
Third – our inability to connect dots from our past to our present. This leads people to believe that our past was very much in a part of history while our present is much better and completely independent of any past actions. This is especially done to avoid merging or politics with our history, but it does not do so. Politics is history.

John Oliver Visits the Seductive, Dangerous World of Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

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