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Justin Bieber cuddles up in lake trip throwbacks with his bikini-clad wife Hailey, New music is on the way as he drops big hint

Justin Bieber has delighted fans with promises of new music coming up next week, less than eight months after his fifth studio album was released. But the 26-year-old pop-star made sure to take time to show love for his wife Hailey on Friday.

The Sorry singer took to Instagram and posted a cozy snap with the 23-year-old on a cruise. The photo, which Hailey posted earlier this week, seems to be from the cross-country adventures of the couple and their Idaho stop. Justin wrapped his arms around Hailey’s shoulders as she sat dressed in a black triangle bikini while out on the water in a little white boat.

Justin found the photo caption-less but Hailey wrote with the photo and a few other throwbacks, ‘the last few weeks were similar parts dreamy and adventurous.’

His uploading came just hours after he posted a single blue-hued photo in a geometric striped outfit that he captioned as ‘1 week.’ He shared the same message on his Instagram story and Twitter, without speculating on the elaboration of sending fans. Scooter Braun, the longtime boss of Justin, added his message to the mystery as he retweeted adding ‘#newerabegins???

Just afterward, Justin seemed to suggest that new music was coming as he posted links to the jbsoon.com website, which enables fans to pre-save an unseen album to Spotify and Apple Music. Justin posted a green-hued image in his luxury van later in the day, captioned ‘won’t let u go.’

It received 158k likes and 35.9k retweets on Twitter twelve hours after posting its original message, and its Instagram post won 898k likes within six hours.

Fans seemed anxious and nervous about writing the clue ‘WTF IS HAPPENING IN ONE WEEK,’ and ‘BIEBER IS COMING TO SAVE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.’ Justin last set to release his fifth studio album, Changes, which debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 200 on February 14.

Justin Bieber cuddles up in lake trip throwbacks with his bikini-clad wife Hailey , New music is on the way as he drops big hint

The album became Bieber’s seventh number one, making him the youngest of 25-year-olds to reach the time. Elvis Presley previously held the record at age 26. Changes produced his Billboard Hot 100 number two, Yummy, and he was supposed to tour the album with Kehlani and Jaden Smith from May to September, though dates due to the pandemic were set for 2021.

He also appeared in the Justin Bieber for additional album promotion: Seasons, 10-episode documentary series on Youtube where he discussed the motivation he had for success early in his career. He last published Purpose in 2015 before his fifth studio album and toured from 2016 to 2017 before ending early tour to concentrate on his mental health.

After a very long break from music, he returned to the stage during Ariana Grande’s headlining set in April 2019 for a surprise appearance at Coachella.