Kanye West pleads Fans to Sign Petition so that he can enter South Carolina Presidential Election’s Ballot!!! Check out to know!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Kanye West, the famous rapper wants to join the White House. He has asked all his fans who live in South Carolina to sign in the petition so that he could join the Presidential Election ballot as he failed to reach the specified cut-off.  The petition was published by Kanye’s officials and team members. Read out the blog post to know more about it!!!

When did the star announce his interest in joining the Presidential Election Ballot:

Kanye announced that he wanted to join the White House in his tweet that he posted on the 4th of July. OIn his tweet, the rapper mentioned that they all must realize the promise of America by having faith in God and trusting him. In his tweet, he wrote that he is running for president of the United States.

But still, there are doubts over his claim. People are still questioning whether the rapper is sure about it and his seriousness regarding it.

West was not able to reach the cut-off for South California’s election:

This week it was unveiled that West has been able to qualify the cut-off and will be appearing in the presidential election ballot in Oklahoma. He has crossed the deadline and is eligible to register as an independent candidate. Unfortunately, the rapper has missed the specified cut-off that was necessary for him to appear in the presidential election in South Carolina.

West hoped for the public to help him out:

Kanye West has sought for his fans’ help now to get him to the elections. West tweeted on his account and pleaded his fans to sign a petition to place him on the ballot Sponsored by Ye 2020.

The online petition that the fans are supposed to sign to get him placed there is paid by the Kanye 2020 political team.

Anchal Gupta