Kate Middleton boosted James Middleton to overcome DEPRESSION giving him Best Gift Ever!!!

By Riya Kumari

James Middleton belongs to the royal family and it is one of the most talked families in the globe. He has been a sufferer of depression for a long time but his older sister helped him to overcome depression. Nevertheless, recently James disclosed how Kate helped him in his tough time. Have a look at James’s journey in detail.

About James’s Depression Phase

Nevertheless of how ahead a family is, depression is something that ends up being a barrier in relationships. In spite of the fact that Prince Harry was vocal about his battle with depression, James couldn’t discover the strength to do it. In James’s case, he was unable to do anything during his battle with darkness until Kate comforted him a year back. During an interview, he even confessed, “I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t read a book, or watch a film and, eat anything.”

During that stage, he was very upset and pulled him off everyone, but it quite tough for him. After some time his family members started noticing that he is in depression.

How Kate Middleton boosted him?

Kate Middleton has often been close to her home and when she noticed about her younger brother’s depression, she couldn’t watch him like this. She helped him a lot in overcoming the darkest phase of his life. She with her family even went with James for his therapy session, so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

Recently, James disclosed in an essay that his sister Kate gave him the best birthday present ever that he couldn’t even imagine.

Since his childhood, James was enamored with beekeeping, and Kate, being a dear sister, got him a glade of the colony at his family home. This colony brought about James commending his life and being glad once more! All gratitude to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Riya Kumari