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Katie Holmes and Jamies Foxx Split Up, Katie is Broke Now. Is it Because of Her Break Up with Jamie? What Made Her Broke? Read to Know More About Their Six Year Long Relationship and What are the Factors that Made Her Broke?

By Alquamah Nasir

Katie and Jamie break-up

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have broken up after six years of a romantic relationship. It doesn’t come as a surprise given the fact that both of them wanted different things out of life. Jamie was more outgoing and party-loving while Katie was more responsible and reserved. They ended their relationship on Memorial Day. Jamie bailed on the plan at the last moment and was later seen at Disneyland that weekend itself. He never got on the plane.

Timeline of the Affair

Jamie and Katie started dating six years ago but kept things to a wrap because they did not want to go public with it. Katie had dated Tom Cruise before this, and that relationship moved way too fast with Katie converting to Scientology, a religion that Cruise follows, in late-2015. They had a daughter together- Suri Cruise.

Is Katie broke?

Rumors are rife that Katie has recently sold her mansion in Los Angeles for six-million dollars, and she has started taking public transport. Both of which are not indicative of whether or not she is “broke”, or if her relationship with Jamie had any bearing on it. Moreover, Katie sold her mansion in Los Angeles because she recently moved to New York. A source close to her has attested this fact.

Closing Katie’s Case

Rumors were also afloat that Katie would not accept any help from her ex-husband Tom Cruise. This seems plausible since they broke up a long time back and have moved on ever since. Katie still has to take care of their daughter Surie, of which Cruise pays about $400, 000.

The Dawson Creek star is being nagged by media houses way too much. And her relationship and rumors surrounding her destitution continue to hound her. But all seems to be well in the glam town of Holywood, and Katie Holmes seems to be doing just fine financially.

Alquamah Nasir