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Katy Perry Pushes The Release Of Her Album ‘Smile’ Due To Post-Production Delay!! Check this out right here

By Anurag Gade

Katy Perry has revealed her new upcoming album ‘SMILE’ has been postponed citing post-production delays. This comes to a major disappointment to the fans. SMILE marks Perry’s first album since she announced her pregnancy, and the fans could not be any more excited. However, it seems that the fans will have to wait a bit longer to hear Katy Perry roar on the stage once again.

Katy Perry Pushes The Release Of Her Album ‘Smile’ Due To Post-Production Delay!

Katy Perry has announced that her new album ‘SMILE’ has been delayed by two weeks due to post-production delays. The chart-topping pop star was due to launch SMILE on August 14. However, due to unavoidable circumstances regarding the production, the release has now been shifted to August 28.

Perry is heavily pregnant with the child of Orlando Bloom at the moment. And Katy Perry has blamed unavoidable production delays as the significant reason behind postponing her new album. The pop star tweeted the news of this delay three days ago. Following her tweet, twitter was filled with several theories explaining the album’s postponing. Some have said that the pregnancy might have taken a toll on Perry, forcing her to make this decision. In contrast, several others believed that Perry’s reason for postponing the album.

Perry shared the news alongside pictures of her being hit in the face with a pie. SMILE’s cover album features the singer in clown makeup. Simultaneously, Perry also announced a series called Smiley Sundays. This series will take place every Sunday until the release of the album or until she gives birth. The 35-year-old said that the series would have her broadcasting live for 30 minutes. During these 30 minutes, Perry plans on discussing her new album as well her describe what a good time she is having. Simultaneously, she also wishes to interact with her fans and hopes to have a good chat with a few of them.

As of now, SMILE has been officially postponed and will soon release on August 28,

Anurag Gade