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Kim Kardashian Is Upset With Kanye West For This Reason? Is The Couple Getting Divorce? Find Here

By Abhishek Singh

The most talked-about couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for both their mysterious air of romance and one of kind chemistry. Both successful in their careers, romance, and amazing sex life. They’re like a perfect couple in almost every regard. Lately, the turmoil between Kanye and Kim’s relationship is increasing day by day. With couples often get into fights and arguments. This leads to Kim feeling sad and rejected by this behavior of Kanye West. And it’s no surprise that things get rough time to time with couples spend years of being in a relationship together for years. But this recent behavior of Kanye has pushed Kim to the point where she wants a divorce with the singer. Is the couple really going through with their divorce? Read on more to know what Kanye exactly did that led to Kim considering a divorce.

Is Kanye angry with Kim Kardashian?

Many times couples get feelings of resentment from their partners when they feel like they don’t love them anymore. Or maybe Kanye is simply under the pressure of his career. And with the recent news of him running for president has created many controversies. Sure the couple had their ups and downs and knowing Kanye she knows deep down that the man has a good heart. But the recent behavior of his is putting immense pressure on her and a burden on her family. And his recent tweet of Kanye saying that he wants to divorce Kim has added fuel to the fire and made her feel rejected.

Kanye is suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

Wanting to support Kanye Kim flew to Wyoming to get him to help and try to work things out with each other. But the way he has been behaving in recent moth has left Kim feeling isolated and lonely. And a source confirmed that the couple may possibly end their marriage. Kim went to her social media to urge her fans to be patient and courteous of their privacy. Until they managed to come to a peaceful solution.

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