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“Kit Harington” Said “Game Of Thrones” Filming Was “One Of The Hardest Things” For The Whole Cast!!!

By Gaurav Kesari

Games Of Thrones is one of the best web series produced ever. This is a huge fan following series. Here, read what the lead actor Kit Harington tells about the filming of ‘Games Of Thrones’.

Twisting moment of Games Of Thrones Finale

The lead actor Kit Harington who has played in all eight seasons on the HBO fantasy series Games Of Thrones reported that it was very shocking for the casts when they get know about the unexpected series finale. For the recap, the character of Kit Harington, Jon Snow has killed his love Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke. This was totally unarticulated. Apart from this, the series has a much more unexpected twist in the series that puts the audience in complete shock.

Shocking Reaction of Kit Harington

Kit Harington was saying that when he was sitting next to Emilia while reading the script, Emilia hinted Harington that he would get some surprises further. This makes much interest to read the next scripts. The day when he was reading the scripts and reach to the bloody twists his reaction was jaw-dropping. He was totally devastated after reading this.

Filming Games Of Thrones: Hardest Thing

Harington revealed about the final scene of his and Clarke togetherness that the dialogue was about a page and a half of dialogue. This seen took over three weeks in capturing every angle. On completing this shooting, Harington said with such an intensive emotional scene, “It was tiring and It’s one of the hardest things we filmed”.


Although the ending of Games of Thrones is not liked by some of the fans. Harington said that he liked the ending of the series. The scripts made him cry. He felt that now he is free with a sweet ending.

Gaurav Kesari

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