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Kristen Bell CATCHES her Kids Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beverages and she’s OK with it!!!

Those of you are great fans of Kristen Bell ought to read this post about her as to why she allows her children with non-alcoholic beverages…

Kristen Bell’s kids like to taste the non-alcoholic beer. Who even knew that the actress would reveal that she and Dax Shepard have let their two daughters enjoy a refreshing O’Douls from time to time. The occasional sips got a little awkward. The Frozen star was all prepared for an episode of the Say Yes! with Carla Hall podcast.

The main explanation that led to the incredible habit of consumption…

The explanation was how and why her two girls — Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5 — got accustomed to the unusual beverage. On the turnout factor, it results from  Shepard’s sobriety efforts and the family’s support of his health. As of the explanation, it was said that she is going to get a lot of flack for this. Given the main fact that she does not care.

The welcome is to say that he is a terrible parent. In the context of a great parent, the husband brought home a six-pack of O’Doul’s last night, and her daughters often ask for O’Doul’s. As of their natural habitat, it is either their home or restaurants.

Given the reason is, when they had their first child, the husband put her in the Babybjörn, they had to walk around the neighborhood and the husband had popped a nonalcoholic beer in his hand which made the baby paw at it and put the rim in her mouth.

The main explanation is its indeed a sentimental thing. And that grants the feeling of being close to one’s dad. The main reason is they’ve been very open and vocal with their kids about Shepard’s sobriety and why their daddy can’t drink. As of an ordinary drink of choice, the kids love to have it.

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