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Kylie Jenner Replies to the Rumors Of Rift With Kim Kardashian!!! Kim’s Sweet Birthday Wish to Kylie!!!

Kylie Jenner has confessed about her relationship with her sister Kim Kardashian. Thus, she denied the rumors of a rift with her sister. Read the full article to know in detail about the popular sisters.

Relationship of Kylie Jenner with her sister Kim Kardashian

Kylie and Kim are outstanding stars in Hollywood. Also, among the Jenner- Kardashian family, they are the popular ones. Thus, both have their separate fan following. Some fans are crazy about them and their cosmetic products. Even though they both have their separate company they have a great bounding. Not only for Kim but Kylie applauds all her siblings.

Kylie is the founder of her own company ‘Kylie Cosmetic’ whereas Kim is the founder of ‘KKW Beauty’.

Kylie has answered all the rumors

There were rumors about the famous sisters that they both share a harsh clash. Nevertheless, that clash was not because of who is more famous but it was based on their separate company. They both have their own cosmetic company which is oppositions to each other.

However, Kylie has made it clear by giving a proper response to those rumors. She talked good about her sister Kim and also appreciating her for her good work.

They love each other cosmetic

Kylie Cosmetic founder and owner Kylie Jenner takes guidance from her sister Kim. This is because Kim has more knowledge in the area. Kylie let out, “She’ll use mine, I use hers, but how we create our makeup and how we run our businesses is very separate, and then we come together if we need advice”. This year, they even teamed for KKW to plop all the rumors to ease.

Hence, Kylie has disclosed that she loves the brand her sister established. She explained that all the brands of her sister are amazing. Therefore, it shows how much they love each other and there is no harsh clash among them. Kim has wished Kylie with a sweet birthday word and said that she is a very loyal person and the funniest one.

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