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Lil Wayne Calls Off Engagement With Plus Size Model La’ Tecia Thomas! Read More For Insider Information

By Anurag Gade

Lil Wayne (Weezy) and the Australian plus-size model La’Tecia model may have quietly ended their engagement. Previously, Weezy was engaged to his long time love Dia Sodano when La’Tecia entered his life back in 2012. Before anyone could figure out what was going on, La’Tecia Thomas was already engaged to Lil Wayne

When La’Tecia posted a photo on Instagram, the giant diamond ring on her finger was quickly made out by her fans. This was when the Australian plus-size model and activist went public with her relationship with Weezy. And now after eight years, it seems like the couple is headed to splitsville.

Lil Wayne Calls Off Engagement With Plus-Size Model La’ Tecia Thomas!

The couple was going strong over the years, and the fans couldn’t be any happier. However, after eight years, it seems like the couple may be on their separate ways. They set of breakup rumors when La’Tecia was recently spotted without her engagement ring. La’Tecia displayed her bare ring finger in a series of Instagram posts and stories a few days back.

The massive diamond ring she so proudly flaunted in the past was noticeably missing. However, the ring isn’t the only thing that was missing from her photos. In addition to the ring, La’Tecia is no longer wearing her Carter necklace gifted by her rapper fiance. On top of that, La’Tecia has officially unfollowed Weezy and all of his fan pages.

Following these actions, Weezy also pressed the unfollow button. Weezy doesn’t even follow back his sons and daughters on Instagram. However, back when the two were dating, La’Tecia was the only person Weezy was following. However, now it seems like he’s back to following no one. Though it is unclear when the couple broke up, La’Tecia was seen wearing her ring and necklace in a photo she posted in late April 2020.

Anurag Gade