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Lisa Rinna ANGRY at Trolls demanding her Exit from ‘HOUSEWIVES’!!!

As a high-fashion runway and print model, Brandi Glanville spent 17 years traveling the globe before stirring up controversy on Bravo’s “True Housewives of Beverly Hills” and becoming entangled in a divorce controversy. The blonde featured in magazines such as “Cosmopolitan” and “Glamour” after moving to Paris at 16 and signing with Elite, and worked on runways for Armani, Chanel, and Gucci couture fashion houses.

In May of 2001, she married Eddie Cibrian (‘CSI: Miami’), and the couple had two sons, Mason and Jake. Rumors swirled around Cibrian’s two affairs eight years later, one with waitress Scheana Marie and one with actress/singer LeAnn Rimes. Glanville initially stood by her husband and attended some therapy, but the week after she left her husband, Cibrian and Rimes went public.

The star of “Beverly Hills’ Real Housewives” came on the defense this week after fans blamed her for her on-screen feud with Denise Richards, mainly based on rumors that Denise had a relationship with former “Housewives” star Brandi Glanville.

Lisa has accused Denise of gaslighting the show’s stars in a recent episode. She even sang about it to an album. Denise, who has denied that there was a relationship, said that Lisa sometimes brings the rumors up.

Let’s have some, gaslighting,’ answered Lisa. Several fans — obviously on Team Denise — took to Lisa’s Instagram to share their feelings, many asking for her to be fired, according to The Blast. One user wrote, “FIRE Lisa, please! “Do [you] feel good to tell Karen?” responded Lisa. “Gosh, I would never want anyone to risk their work and their lives. What makes you like Karen?”

“Karen” has become a nickname for white women who are rude, arrogant, and greedy. After a fan told Lisa, “Your no Lisa vanderpump and will never be pathic no matter how much publicity you get,” the reality television star responded, “It’s You.

A fan of Lisa’s noted that many of the people that have negative comments seem to disagree with her politically. “THEY HATE THEMSELVES. POOR THINGS,” Lisa said. Lisa backs down to nobody.