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Mark Hamill & Sir Patrick Stewart finally have a Face-Off over ‘TOMATOES’ in Funny New Uber Eats Advert!!!

Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker and Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard are two of sci-fi’s most acclaimed heroes, and fans have pondered for quite a long time what it would resemble if the two met. Nowadays, this would never again be done in an official limit as it is far-fetched that the franchisees could actually concur. So it is presumably best if Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart face each other over how tomatoes are articulated.

The incredible entertainers were united through the intensity of promoting and face each other in another promotion for Uber Eats conveyance administration.

Witness an epic conflict of Star Wars versus Star Trek as Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart go head to head over the way to express ‘tomatoes’ in the new Uber Eats advertisements.

In a damp distribution center, the two titans go head to head, shaking baseball and cricket bats – individually – in an overseas ruck.

Rising up out of the shadows, Stewart counters: “Today around evening time, I’ll be eating four cheddar tortellini, with additional tom-aah-toes.”

It’s one of three new advertisements for the taxi turn off food conveyance administration featuring the science fiction legends.

The second discovers them playing air hockey while requesting in food, and another sees Skywalker and Picard grinding away over the Connect 4 board.

Stewart additionally took to Twitter in the divulging of the spots, saying: “Regarded to have struggled it out with @hamillhimself to settle one of the best discussion ever: what’s for supper?”

Discussing the apparent clash between Star Wars and Star Trek fandoms, Hamill as of late revealed to Men’s Journal: “I have been gotten some information about contention between Star Wars and Star Trek, however, I need to state I sense that it is truly apples and oranges.

Mark Hamill & Sir Patrick Stewart finally have a Face-Off over 'TOMATOES' in Funny New Uber Eats Advert!!!

That is the reason this mission struck me as clever, on the grounds that I comprehended what they were doing pitting us facing one another.”

Stewart included: “I will concede that, in any event for us on Star Trek, we have fantasied about a consolidated universe between Star Wars and Trek film. There have been a ton of thoughts tossed about on assembling two notable universes, and having these extraordinary characters coming into contact.”


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