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Martin Birch, British music producer of Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Whitesnake & Black Sabbath dies at 71!!!

British music producer, Martin Birch, credits include albums by Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, and Black Sabbath. Who knew such a big celebrity would die at the age of 71?

Given the news of death, it was spread by Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale on Twitter. Our celebrity’s cause of death is still unknown.

His starting phase…

Martin Birch, British music producer of Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Whitesnake & Black Sabbath dies at 71!!!

And the career of the Surrey-born Birch began in the late 1960s. Our engineer worked on recordings of Jeff Beck, Fleetwood Mac (“Kiln House” “Bare Trees”), Deep Purple (“In Rock” “Machine Head”), and Rainbow (“Rising” “Long Live Rock ’n Roll”). Who knew this craftsman of early recording technology, would capture the energy of live bands and amplification.

And a new power was brought to the heavy rock of the 1970s to help clear focussed recordings. And soon the psych-rock edges of the 1960s faded away. Our Birch, nicknamed as Headmaster, was known for his midrange-forward approach that favored guitars. And he was best known for his 11-year stint with Iron Maiden.

His achievements….

As he was also the producer and engineer of canonical records like “Killers,’ “Number of The Beast,” “Piece Of Mind” and “Somewhere In Time”, it is worth giving importance. And finally, he was followed by the success of Whitesnake’s 1982 album “Saints & Sinners”.The album included the original version of the future single “Here I Go Again.”

And finally, the song was rerecorded in 1987 and hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. For there were long-term collaborations of Birch which extended beyond Maiden, the Whitesnake worked with other metal acts like Rainbow and Deep Purple. Our Birch retired in 1982 as a key player while ushering the second wave of British Metal. Who even knew British Metal in the 1970s and into the 80s will dominate globally?

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