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“Memoirs and Misinformation” : Ryan Gosling will play Jim Carrey in Movie Adaption??

By Lovy Jones

An emergency alert was sent to the state’s residents saying a ballistic missile was on its way and everyone should find shelter immediately. The Alert was a false alarm, however, the panic was real. The information was delivered to Carrey by his assistant over facetime.

It was a typical Saturday on the shores of Hawaii when Jim Carrey was informed that he had 10 minutes to live.

Under Panic, during this call his assistant hit a wrong button, capturing a screenshot of Carrey’s face as he learned of Alert. Rather than have the image erased, Carrey used it – on the cover of his new book.

According to the actor, it’s a perfect image to greet readers as they pick up a copy of his novel, “Memoirs and Misinformation.” Co-written with writer Dana Vachon, the fictionalized autobiography follows Carrey and not a typical tell-all. Its an eight-year passion project blends moving autobiography with science-fiction, and anti-capitalist screed. While talking about the book, Jim Carrey says, “It’s difficult to describe what the book is, Yes, it’s about an apocalypse. But it’s also about the apocalypse of the interior, of the ego.”

Though this apocalypse was also a fiction, Carrey said it permeate him with something real: peace of mind and he hopes to impart to readers with same as they turn the final page.

Lovy Jones