Millie Bobby Brown’s relationships timeline!!! Know everything about the ‘Stranger Things’ star LOVE LIFE!!!

By Rajal Ghai

Millie Bobby Brown is a young American actress. She first became famous due to her role in the Netflix original Stranger Things. She even has won an Emmy award for her performance in the show. Her career has been busy ever since. Know everything about Millie Bobby Brown’s relationships.

Millie Bobby Brown was actually born in Spain. She then went to Orlando during her childhood days. Her interest in acting started in Orlando itself. The young star is merely 15 years old right now. There has been so much news regarding her being in a number of relationships to date. So let’s talk about Millie Bobby Brown’s relationships in detail!

Millie Bobby Brown with Jacob!

Her first relationship was with a young boy named Jacob Sartorius. He became famous on TikTok in 2016. He then began a musical career. He became quite successful in his career. He featured in a lot of music videos since then. They both met in 2017 and soon made their relationship public. They posted a lot of photos and videos together. Late news started circulating that Jacob had betrayed Millie while on his trip to London. But these were all rumors.

But soon Millie and Jacob decided to mutually break their relationship for good. They posted that it was a mutual decision and they both will be friends. Later in 2019, they met again and we’re in a relationship again. But this doesn’t go so far as well.

Was she dating Romeo Beckham?

Her second relationship was with David Beckham’s son, Romeo. They both were spotted together. But after a few interactions and meetings they both lost interest in each other. This marked the end of their relationship. Romeo was later spotted with another model and it was later confirmed that he was dating her. Millie Bobby Brown has been single ever since.

All the fans around the world want Millie to date Finn Wolfhard ever since the Stanger Things appeared on Netflix. Finn Wolfhard is a young Canadian Actor who also co-stars Millie in Stanger Things. Their on-screen relationship is a hit among the fans and thus they want them to be together in real life as well. This is not happening quite yet. But maybe in the future, we can see both of them together.

Rajal Ghai