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Naya Rivera dies at the age of 33! Was it murder? or suicide? find here

The sudden news of the death of Naya Rivera sent a shock to many of her fans, the star we loved so much in the TV series “Glee”. The star who made us laugh and charmed us with her beauty & made us fall in love with Santana Lopez. On the fox musical “Glee” is no more with us, and many people are coping & expressing their loss & grief over the passing of Naya. An autopsy confirmed the death of Naya from accidental drowning, officials confirmed. And the family’s heartbroken and sad over the loss of their daughter. They expressed in their statement honoring her “everlasting legacy and majestic spirit. Read on more to know her cause of death & her circumstances.

Naya Rivera Die at the age of 33

The cause of Naya Rivera Death!

Rivera went missing after she rented a pontoon boat with her four years old son to go boating on lake Piru northwest of Los Angeles. During the investigation, her son told the police that she pushed him into the boat before disappearing into the surface. The authorities have a reason to believe that it was likely caused by the lake’s current. Which made the boat unstable and led Rivera to ensure her son’s safety first regardless of her wellbeing. The child was found alone and asleep in a boat by a leasing agent after it was not returned. Her son was wearing a life jacket, but not her.

The medical examiner’s statement.

The identity of the dead body found in the lake Piru in Ventura county is confirmed to be Naya Rivera. From the dental comparison. The medical examiner confirmed. The autopsies found no findings that drugs and alcohol were present in her system. As well as no traumatic injuries or disease, which most likely leads to the fact that she drowned.

Her “Glee’s” Co-stars death before Naya’s.

Naya Rivera is the third cast of “Glee” to die under tragic or unjust circumstances. Cory Monteith who played Finn on the glee died tragically due to excess consumption of heroin overdose in 2013. Mark Salling who played “Puck” in the TV sitcom committed suicide due to charged & arrested with child pornography. Rivera and Salling dated for quite some time and were in a relationship from 2007 to 2010.