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Naya Rivera’s Death Certificate Confirmed Due to Drowning! Is the Certificate Valid? Or a Hoax?

By Abhishek Singh

The passing of Naya Rivera seems like an eternity when it only been nearly a month. The former glee actress who mesmerized us with her performance and wittiness in the show has left a huge void on the fans. Many of us couldn’t believe she left us! Just like that? And the memories she gave us will always remain in our hearts. For the fans as well as friends and family.

Recently her death certificate has been released stating that she died due to drowning in minutes. And her body was found 5 days after she disappeared during the boating trip with her son. Authorities concluded that the actress tired herself out when pushing her son back into the boat. What do you think? Is there more to it than meets the eye? Then read on more to get more details about the actress’s sudden demise.

Details about Naya Rivera’s Autopsy!

Naya Rivera’s last rites were performed in Forest lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles on July 24. Where her family, friends, and co-stars of Glee were present. Her death certificate recently came forward revealing the cause of her death. Revealing that no alcohol or drugs were present in the system of glee’s actress speeding up her death. Ventura County Medical Examiner revealed that in the autopsy that the cause of her death was an accidental drowning on July 14.

Ryan Dorsey expresses his pain over the loss of Naya.

After the death of glee star, Ryan Dorsey with whom the couple had a child together (Josey) shared an emotional tribute to the late actress.

“I’m beyond broken and I can’t believe this happened! I’m left with no words to express the hole left in everyone’s hearts. This is so unfair, we were just in the back swimming with Josie the day before. Life isn’t fair. Dorsey took to his social media Instagram and Twitter posting a picture of Rivera and their son Josey.

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