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Nev Schulman, the MTV ‘Catfish’ Host leaves GENEROUS TIP of $926 for Pregnant Waitress!!!

It seems that media personalities are also generous and pays a huge amount of tips. Such is a recent case in which a media personality during a trip to Smashburger paid a tip of $926. Isn’t such a huge tip? Let’s know in detail as to whom he paid such a tip and why.

Nev Schulman gave a generous tip to a waitress

Nev Schulman is a famous media personality and host of the reality TV show of MTV known as Catfish. Recently on a trip, he had left a generous tip for a waitress, and for it, he had been thanked by her in Colorado. Denver7 News produced a video package showing how the media personality left a kind note and paid a tip of $926 for his server Zulia Reyes. She works at the Denver International Airport at a Smashburger.

The note written by Nev congratulated her for the baby girl after learning that she is due to give birth on the same date as his birthday, September 26. Most etiquette resources agree that his bountiful tip was more than 15.10 times the amount of his Smashburger order added up to $61.29. It is also exceeded the restaurant gratuity the recommended 15 to 20 percent.

Nev Schulman, the 'Catfish' Host leaves GENEROUS TIP of $926 for Pregnant Waitress!!!
The gratitude of Zulia Reyes

In an interview, Reyes said to Denver7, “It means the world to my baby and my family. We never expected that to ever happen to us.” She said that due to the ongoing situation she herself was laid off for a month in April and her husband also does not have any work. Reyes expressed her gratitude and said, “It means that at least her crib or her stroller is paid for. This little baby girl is going to be so blessed.”

The Denver7 video was reposted by Nev Schulman on his official twitter account on August 11, 2020.