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Niall Horan opens up about the Rumors of him and Selena Gomez DATING..!!

By Nilanjana Roy

Rumors spread like fire nowadays and especially about celebrities. Recently, Niall Horan an Irish singer and songwriter who was one of the band members of “One Direction” and Selena Gomez who is an American singer, actress, songwriter, and producer, are suspected to be dating.

Niall and Selena’s outing

Earlier in October 2015, Horan and Gomez met through mutual friends,  Courtney Lopez who shared a group pic where Horan had his arm around Gomez.

A few days later, Horan posted a photo on his Instagram story in which he posed in front of a billboard of Gomez.

Horan even called Gomez an absolute sweetheart and they were good friends they were spotted visiting each other’s houses and praising each other on Instagram.


Horan has recently put end to all the rumors

. They have repeatedly denied they are dating. In October according to Refinery 29, Gomez posted an Instagram story,  “I m not dating anyone,  I have been single for two years. I m on God’s timing and not mine .”

Recently, in an interview, Horan opened up about the dating rumors when he was asked ” Do you have a girlfriend? ” he said “No, I don’t “and he even made himself crystal clear by calling himself “very much single, very much single “. He even pointed out to the negative impacts about the rumors about their relationship he said ” it doesn’t make any difference, if I am seeing someone or they are just friends of, I m going out with them in media’s eyes ” he added ” that’s the most annoying part. Isn’t it ?”

You can even be friends with females. It’s high time that people should now drop rumors about them. Selena Gomez and Niall Horan have made themselves clear and we have to believe what they said.

Nilanjana Roy