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Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant And Her Husband Wants The Court To Allow Him During Baby’s Birth. Will the court allow it?

By Abhishek Singh

The biggest moment in every woman’s life is carrying the child of the man she loves. Dealing with the labor, pain, and the bliss of carrying the child in her arms, and sharing that moment with her special someone. Every woman longs that feeling of intimacy and nurturing her baby. In Hollywood, many female celebrities have announced their pregnancy and their excitement of welcoming their firstborn. With celebrities like Katy Perry, Vanessa Morgan. And the most surprising part is that no one would’ve expected the Anaconda singer Nicki Minaj to be announcing her baby bump.

A piece of good news for the fans and friends of the singer. Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram handle to share this good news on 20th July. Although she hasn’t revealed the gender of her child. And the father of the child Kenneth Petty wants to be with her when the baby comes despite facing charges as a sex offender. Do you think the court will allow it? Then read on more to know about the decision the court has taken for perry.

Who is Kenneth Petty?

Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj have known each other since childhood and two of them were in love with each other since then. And she’s carrying Petty’s child. Kenneth made some very grave mistakes in his life which cost him greatly. In 1995 the man was convicted for allegedly having sex with a minor. He and Nicki Minaj moved to California in 2019 but didn’t register himself as a sex offender. Hence the reason why he’s on pre-trial leave and can’t leave the states at the moment.

Nicki Minaj’s beautiful baby bump

Fans became overjoyed and happy with this sudden announcement of throwing a surprise for them. and the new beginning of her life with her baby. The singer posted a picture on Instagram wearing a yellow wig, beautiful bikini, and sparkly heels.

Kenneth appealing to the court for modifications on pre-trial.

Now wanting to be with Nicki and share the joy of the childbirth with her. Kenneth Perry has requested the court to make some changes to his pre-trial conditions. This includes him being a manager for the singer and the condition of him being present at the moment of delivery fo his child. Petty has submitted documents of proposed modifications so that he can tend to his child and work as a manager for Nicki Minaj. Allowing him to travel and work outside of his curfew hours.

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