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Read what a roller coaster relationship ride Kailey Lowey had till date. How she managed her previous relationships, came out of them and her present marriage with Chris. Read all this now and share!

At times, you or for that sake anyone else cannot help but wonder what happens in the Hollywood and film industry in general. At times the situations get so out of hand and beyond control that the response or behavior of certain individuals makes you question is what the hell they are doing. Cheating, hook up, abuses, blames, and fights here as common as certain good moral values at times. Well, to be honest, and from what I have read, there are always two sides to a story. You or I cannot blame them entirely. As they are put under tremendous load and attention from the public and the media. It sometimes so happens that they lose control over themselves.

So, today we, the Gizmoposts team is back with a similar story. A story of Kailyn Lowey and Jo Riviera. Both Kailyn and Jo are high school sweethearts. Kailyn is particularly famous for her role in Teen mom 2. Fans have been following her life very closely and keenly since then. Pennsylvania natives rose to fame from thereon. That is a decade back in 2010. Ten years have passed since. In 2010, both of them welcomed their son Isaac. However, shortly after his birth, the relationship hit troubled waters. It did not last long. The break up was a messy affair with courtroom trials revolving around their son’s custody. This was even seen on the sets of Teen Mom 2. However, it seems her pride was rising after the divorce. Which eventually made her fall for Jordan Wenner. This was revealed by her, in her book. She states she cheated on Wenner with Jo. Let us see what she has to tell about this relationship.

“When I found out I was pregnant in 2010, our relationship went on smoothly. However, shortly later, old habits came back and I cheated on Jordan with Jo. I wanted Jo to remain single and at the same time fell deeply in love with Jordan. We even spent one night after Isaac fell asleep”. However, even this relationship did not last long. She later split with Jordan too. Then she went on and married Javi Marroquin. In 2012, they welcomed their first child together named Lincoln. However, it seems none of her marriages last long. Even Javi and Kaily Lowey got divorced three years later when Javi got engaged to his girlfriend Lauren Comeau. This was in 2019.

Once the episode with Javi ended, she moved on and got into a relationship with another guy, Chris Lopez. In 2017, Chris and Kaily welcomed their first child Lux. Kaily said, “Chris was always a huge part of my life. He has since day one, seen how Jo, Jordon, and Javi took advantage of me. And I honestly feel he is not a person like them. He is different.”

However, ironically, even Chris and Kailey have had an off and on the relationship. Recently, she announced she is pregnant for the fourth time, about to welcome her second child with Chris. Only time will show what lies ahead!