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Reese Witherspoon reacted to killer impression of herself on Instagram. Check it out!

By Abhishek Singh

If you’ve watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S you know Reese as Rachel’s little sister. Who always causes trouble for her & the hilarious banter they share. And in Big Little Lies, she played as Madeline Mackenzie who has a mysterious and interesting appeal to her. Reese Witherspoon perfectly immerses herself as the characters & brilliantly pulls off the accurate persona of the characters. She’s famous for her hard work and has all the essence of an amazing actress. And a very down to earth humble person in real life. She has an amazing sense of humor. And we can see that in one of her impression of herself on her Instagram story. Curious? Then read on more to know about her recent reaction to her Instagram story.

Reese Witherspoon reacts to her impression.

Reese Witherspoon recently came to know a reaction has been on her. An impersonation thread posted by SNL “Saturday Night Live” star Chloe Fineman on her Instagram post. Chloe is quite notorious for her uncanny impressions and parodies of well-known celebrities. With famous names like Britney Spears and Carole Baskin.

In her latest video, we can see that Chloe is tackling Reese and mimicking the impression of Big Little Lies actress. In the video, Fineman role-playing as Witherspoon offers a for your consideration pitch to Emmy voters. But for some reason, she keeps confusing the name of Reese’s two TV shows. “Big Little Lies” & “Little Fires Everywhere”. Saying them as “Big Little Fires” & “Little Liars Everywhere”. She also shares a heart to heart conversation she had with the producer. Until she realized she was the producer all along. Which led to her conversing with herself.

It wasn’t long until actual Reese Witherspoon saw her marvelous impression of Chloe as her. And gave her a huge shout-out on one of her Instagram stories. Acknowledging the wittiness & how great Chloe pulled off the impression of hers.

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