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Rick Ross and 2 Chainz to appear in the upcoming Verzuz Battle!!! When and where to watch the matchup???

By Anchal Gupta

Rick Ross and 2 Chainz are the two rappers who would be appearing in the upcoming Verzuz Battle. The new matchup of the two popular rappers was announced by the VerzuzTV Instagram on July 28. The Instagram page shared the sleek red-and-black poster of a Verzuz-branded sports car to announce this matchup. Fans are super-excited for the Verzuz Battle between the two popular rappers. Read out the blog post to know about the matchup and when and how you can watch the matchup between the two rappers!!!

When will the matchup air???

The match was announced on 28 July by VerzuzTV Instagram. The post announcing this had contained the caption revealed that the Verzuz Battle will be premiered on August 6 at 8 p.m. ET. The matchup is dubbed as “The High Rollers Edition”. The two rappers, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz will be appearing head-to-head in the upcoming Verzuz Battle.

Where can you watch the matchup???

If you want to watch the Versus Battle you need to tune into Instagram Live or Apple Music.

Fans are excited to see Rick Ross and 2 Chainz in the upcoming Verzuz Battle:

When the announcement of the two rappers’ beat battle was announced on the Verzuz Instagram account, fans got super-excited to see both of them.

Many fans support 2 Chainz and say that he would be rocking the battle and would definitely beat his opponent Rick Ross. On the other hand, fans of Rick Ross has held the view that Rick Ross would definitely perform awesome in the Verzuz Battle and would definitely give a powerful and strong competition.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the day the battle to be released and are excited to listen to it. It would be interesting to see the Verzuz Battle between the two rappers.

Anchal Gupta