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Riverdale Cast is having a hard time from the makers during the shoot. KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart were having a very hard time making friends at first. They had to censor their TV interviews. Know what the rules are

There are many restrictions on the set of Riverdale and these restrictions are giving a very hard time for the actors of the show.

Take a chill pill

The first rule is that there should not be any hatred between the members of the cast. No sassy attitude should be shown on the set by any actor and there should be a friendly environment. KJ has been constantly tagged as arrogant by the cast in the beginning as the cast complaint that he did not approach anyone at first and was not at all friendly. After that KJ clarified that he was just nineteen and so he felt shy to talk with these actors who were far more experienced than him. After opening up to the group KJ became friends with Cole to the extent that they were called Joey and Chandler in real life.
And Lilly faced the same problem as she was younger and didn’t attend the parties and also didn’t drink.

Be censored always

The second rule is that they always have to be using a script on and off the set. The cast could not say anything bad about the show. Their interviews and talk shows are scripted and this is giving a very hard time to the cast who wants to criticize the show at times.

The third rule is that the cast should not have any tattoos. It is very hard for KJ as he has seven tattoos on his body. The makers gave him a very hard time covering those tattoos every time on the shoot. His character Archie mostly has shirtless scenes in the show and it makes it very hard for him. Lili Reinhart has four tattoos too.

Follow the orders

The fourth rule is that you have to do what is asked from you even if you hate it. Like the cast members are asked to sing and dance but some of them do not like doing so very often.

The fifth rule is that they have to hold onto the script. The cast is given the script 2 days before the shooting and they have to hold it for 4 to 5 months which is the time it takes for a show to be released.

The sixth rule is that they have to be ready to be written off from the show at any time. To their consolation, they would be paid until the show is running.

Always look the same

The final rule is that they have to maintain their appearance all through the show. Cole has dark blonde hair but she has to change it to black for the show. KJ has to change his hair from black to red. While Lily from dark blonde to light blonde. While Vanessa Morgan is often not recognized with that pink highlights she carries in the show.