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Robert Downey Jr. has a Beautiful House in Hamptons, Know More About The Mysterious Downey Mansion. Explore What’s Inside the House and What Makes the House Relatable to the Common People. Let’s Hear It From Joe Nahem What He Has to Say About the House!!

By Alquamah Nasir

Robert Downey Junior has his home in the shape of a windmill and he is a very down to earth person living life as any other person. The whole house was designed by AD100 designer Joe Nahem and his team.  Joe works at a new york-based company called Fox-Nahem associates.

When Robert was asked when did he got the thought of designing a house by Joe Nahem he recalled an incident when he visited the designer’s home and he got intrigued by the designs in his home and he said that he wants the same level of designs in his home too.

The construction

When Downey gave Nahem the task to find a perfect place for the house Nahem came across a 19th-century old windmill folly which was the perfect location for the Downey family. The windmill was built as a playhouse and had many constructional add-ons time and again. The place is close to East Hampton. And this location also provides privacy to the family and also it lies in the lap of mother nature giving the house an aesthetic look.
It took less than two months to construct the house. Nahem recalls the pressure on him by saying that Robert is mostly outdoors and he has to make his home with a homey touch.

The Robert Mansion

Nehem recalls how he took a “leap of faith” in designing the house with a lot of experimentation.
The house has a pool area which also has a dining set up and is an ideal place for the family. There are several showcases in the house which Downey described as something that gives him a soothing feel. He has a couch in his house which he loves as every other person does and he relaxes on it and watches his favorite shows.

The house is full of pictures of Downey and his family which consists of Susan and his two children Exton and Avri. The house has spotless coloring and the best part of the house for Downey is his bathroom which has purple dots and according to his wife Susan, this is the favorite place of Robert in the house.

Down to earth attributes

In this house, you can find many things which you can relate to your own house like a happy couch, wardrobe stuff with clothes and a messy office will surely remind you of your house.

Alquamah Nasir