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Ryan Reynolds Launches His Own Streaming Service ‘Mint Mobile +’ For Just One Movie ‘Foolproof’..!!

Ryan Reynolds has officially entered the Streaming Wars with his own platform: Mint Mobile + named after the wireless company that Reynold promotes as a brand ambassador. However, we don’t think he will get many subscribers because the only thing to watch on the service is foolproof a 2003 Canadian heist comedy written and directed by William Philips that featured the Dead pool start in his 11th film role.

Ryan Reynolds Launches His Own Streaming Service 'Mint Mobile +' For Just One Movie 'Foolproof'..!!

About Reynold’s new streaming platform

Every tech company needs streaming service so introducing Mint Mobile +. The world’s most affordable streaming service .! Reynolds wrote on Twitter. Two minutes after launch and out crack data team has already determined Mint Mobile + should probably be shut down by the weekend. We all go back to focusing on premium wireless.

Here’s the celeb’s twitter post:

The launch trailer promises that you can binge over 80 minutes of Ryan Reynolds all streaming in 2003 DVD quality ” And it’s true it that the movie’s resolution is just awful. Still, it is all good fun especially the fact that the website seems to boast a myriad of Unoriginal options until you look closer and see that every movie is Foolproof disguised under the different thumbnail.

About the movie

Foolproof is a surprise because whilst bit a great movie it is certainly and has fun with heist movies without becoming a spoof. It is a movie that deserves to be better known and a must-watch for the fans if heist movies. It is about a group of friends who like to stage a hypothetical heist scenario for fun and eventually they are forced to do it for real. It costars Kristin booth, David Hewlett, Koris Jars, David Suchet and James Allison.

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