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Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew REUNITING without Queen’s consent?? Check Out the Full Story!!!

By Divyansh Dhingra

Everything seems worthless until you lose it. The importance of anything is not known unless there is a void of it. And of course, we can apply this rule to “Relationships”. The very foundation of any relationship lies in the mutual understanding between the two souls. Do you know? – SEPARATION is the new start of a RELATIONSHIP because it makes you realize how gloomy the solitude can be. In some cases, this realization just flows with the stream of Repentance while in others it leads to reunification.

Now, coming back to our today’s hot topic, This article talks about the Duke and The Duchess, who find themselves in the same dilemma. Their 10 years of relationship ended 25 years ago. And now, say it the truth or the rumor but eventually, the news of their remarriage pops out. What are they up to about the news? Let’s get into it and Check out the verity in the news.

Truth in the Rumors… & Do they need Queen’s Approval???

Separated by the customs but united by the love, despite having divorced, Sarah and Prince Andrew are often seen together. Even after segregation, Sarah is still a part of the Royal fellowship. Rumors are in the air that the duo is going to remarry soon. The Duke and The Duchess often post good stuff about each other in social media. Spotting Sarah with Andrew at various locations in London, Duchess wearing her wedding present (Diamond necklace, pair of earrings) gifted by the Queen is adequate to give rise to the bruits and hearsays.

Now, if the rumors come out to be genuine then the big question comes into inquisitive mind that- Will They need The Queen’s Approval? the answer to the question is Legally or according to the royal family’s customs – NO, but ethically- MAY ASK for the commendation. According to the Royal Marriage Act 1772, the first six progeny of the British empire requires to seek permission from the Queen to marry or be in a relationship, But as you escape the line then no accreditation is required. After the birth of Prince Louis and Prince Harry’s son – Harrison, Andrew’s place has shifted to 8th position. So, According to the Act, He and Sarah can remarry without Queen’s Consent.

Divyansh Dhingra