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Selena Gomez and Bill Murray are Getting Married! What? Is It True?

By Abhishek Singh

In celebrities’ life most of their interactions and conversing with each other often get painted as rumors and controversies. Especially if they have troubled past or a failed relationship. These controversies sell well and generate quite a buzz among fans. Selena Gomez is the latest example of this facade. As her relationship with Justin Bieber and what led to their falling out as a couple. The singer’s life is always in limelight, with her career and love life, balancing both of them.

When Selena and Bill Murray were seen together in the Cannes film festival. Talking to each other and having a good time, the fans thought it was a normal casual talk with the singer. Or so we thought! until a picture of Selena and Bill whispering something in her ear on various occasions. Something which made the fans wary about this whole debacle and the final blow Selena gave with writing in her Instagram that she and Bill are marrying each other!? Fans became flabbergasted and losing their minds of what just happened? Is she going through with her marriage with Bill? Then read on more to know whether Selena is going through with her decision or it’s just plain marketing strategy of hers.

Fan’s reaction to this unexpected decision of Selena Gomez.

When she suddenly announced the news of her getting married to Bill. The fans instantly took to her Instagram comments section. Each expressing their opinions of this whole take of Selena with confusion, anger, worry, happiness. And some slamming the singer for her absurd decision of marrying a man with a huge age difference,. Leading it to backlash on the singer’s part.

Bill and Selena both are answering with vague answers about the sudden news of Selena marrying Bill and both of them are neither denying nor accepting it. Simply stating it as mutual respect. Assuring fans that it was a joke all along.

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