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Selena Gomez loves to hang out with Chefs!!! Presenting her new show “SELENA +CHEF”!!!

You must be aware of the new show of Selena Gomez, its Selena + Chef. So how could HBO Max miss launch its trailer on Wednesday? The collaboration of Ain’t Me singer with chefs to cook up a meal is worth the watch. You are going to really miss the fun because the trailer does prove that its fun on a platter.

Why do you need to watch it?

You need to really watch this because the singer seeks the help of various celebrity chefs for cooking the best meals. You will really witness the fun because Selena does make some errors because the chef is not there to help her physically. On the show, the taste-testers are her friends and family, and it’s not always that they give a positive reaction.

Who all will be seen along with Selena Gomez?

Selena loves to hang out with chefs, she always has a taste of something different, presenting Gomez’s new show-SELENA +CHEF!

As I have mentioned the term celebrity chefs, so let me name them-Roy Choi, Tanya Holland, Antonia Lofaso, Candice Kumai that’s it! To give the launch date of HBO Max, it was May 2020. It was to be launched with the Friends reunion episode, but it all got canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

And some shows that are streaming on the OTT platform include Love Life, Expecting Amy, and Close Enough. Our Seth Rogen will soon be seen starring in a film-named as the American Pickle. And the Selena+Chef contains an all total of 10 episodes and it will be premiered on 13 of August.

Regarding the filming of the show, yes it was done amid the Coronavirus pandemic. And the filming has been done via video chat, for various precautionary measures have been adopted regarding the pandemic. Those remote cameras inside Gomez’s home also helped in the shooting process. And this is what Aaron Saidman, the executive producer has to comment-“There was something…special about the fact that Selena was still kind of on her own, having to fumble her way through and figure things out, even though she had an expert professional helping her out,”

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