Sophie Turner happily flaunts her GROWING BABY BUMP!!! Joe Jonas is being the BEST HUSBAND!!!

By Riya Kumari

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are about to become proud parents later this year. Sophie Turner is maturing and being comfortable and ready to become a mom. Even Joe Jonas is also being the best person he can be. This news is trending all over social media.

Who are Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas?

Sophie Turner is a famous actress and is known for her role in television series “Game of Thrones

“. Joe Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. They got married and after four years they are expecting a baby.

The two met together at a mutual friend’s party. They started dating in 2016. Since then, the beautiful couple has been together in every situation. They were engaged in 2017. The age gap, however, created an outrage of trolls among the fans. They have seven years of the age difference. Sophie Turner is 23 years old while her husband Joe Jonas is 30 years old. However, they have been a happy couple ever since.

Updates on the pregnancy

Now the news has come that they are expecting their first child. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is trying to stay calm and mature in the situation. She is growing up and that is what’s keeping her happy. She is proud to be a mom soon.

Also, her husband Joe Jonas is trying to be the best husband he can be. He takes care of Sophie in every manner she can. He wants to be a great father to their child and also a great husband to Sophie.

They have yet not confirmed the news but in their recent outing saw Sophie was showing her baby bump in a white crop top and grey sweatpants, which she earlier would cover-up. We have to wait for a little to see their baby. She will give birth to a baby maybe between June to July.

Riya Kumari