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Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry: This “Made For Each Other” Duo is fulfilling Couple Goals together!!!

By Divyansh Dhingra

When a stream of love flows then it pierces through all the hurdles that come along with its way. How much do we have greed for money and riches in life, but still, there is a void that always searches for immense Love and Care. Any Relationship needs to have Love in them because it has the vigor to withstand all kinds of obstructions and setbacks. This Article features one such couple, who have become an ideal for others, as their relationship grows stronger with time. Yes, we are talking about Ayesha Curry and Stephan Curry. Let’s dive into the article to know more about the two and their relationship status.

Who’s Ayesha Curry???

Born in Canada, Ayesha Curry is an American-Canadian actress and has got a knack for cooking. Her passion for cookery leads her to feature in several Food Networks and starting off her YouTube channel. She debuted in the Film Industry when she was only 12. She often loves to write cooking blogs and recipes. However, her interest in cooking began at a very young age. Talking about her marital life, Ayesha tied a knot with famous NBA Star- Stephen Curry on July 30, 2011.

Who’s Stephen Curry???

All of us know Stephen as a famous American Basketball Player, who is popularly known as the NBA Most Valuable Player and has won several NBA Championships. Setting up various records under his name, Stephan is a notable and renowned figure in the NBA industry. To know more about Stephen Curry, Click here.

The Love Birds: Ayesha & Stephen…

Spending nine years together and still, the Love is blooming up, seems very rare in the Hollywood Industry. Ayesha and Stephan have become an epitome of Love and Togetherness. Both have three children together- two daughters and one boy. Back in 2002, the bud of their love started growing when Stephen first saw Ayesha, then in 2008, they expressed their concern towards each other which finally led them to marry in 2011.

That was the time and now, nothing has changed between them. Love remains undeterred. Ayesha Curry and Stephan Curry both feel proud of each other’s success. Furthermore, her Instagram post evinces the love between them which says, “Can’t wait for everyone to see why he’s my most favorite and amazing person in the world, You make me complete”.

Divyansh Dhingra