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Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Elaine’s sweet sugary marriage has some STRANGE SECRETS!!! Read out to know!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey are in a sweet sugary marriage relationship. But the couple fell into rumours regarding their divorce. But the revealed that they were also in shock.  Apart from this, there are many different strange things about the couple’s pair. Read out the blog post to know more about the couple!!!

LOVE at first sight:

Yes, Steve and Marjorie’s love was love at first sight. The couple got married in 2007 but had met originally in 1987. The pair proved that love at first sight exists and even after years, if the love is true and you are bind to meet, you will do it anyhow.

Marjorie was first married to a drug kingpin and had a tough life before remeeting Steve. On the other hand, Steve was also facing hurdles after separation from his wives. But eventually, they are happy with each other.

Other things related to their marriage:

At the rumours which were spread by the tabloids that Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie are getting separated, Steve and Marjorie Elaine Harvey reacted using their great sense of humour. The pair in a video of May 2019, proved all the rumours just rumours with their son Broderick Harvey. The couple was able to maintain their pretty relationship even after surrounded by dirt.

When Steve and Marjorie got married, they share seven children; three from Marjorie and her ex-husband and the other four from Steve’s ex-wives. In an interview, the pair said that they are a united family where there is no space for alienist words like stepchildren. They also said that though they are not bound by blood, the Harvey’s are a solid-unit.

Steve enjoys spoiling their grandchildren buying them expensive toys and much more. While Marjorie always invites her grandchildren for sleepovers in their house, Steve wanted a bit of alone time in his house.

The couple has shared a stronger bond than we cannot imagine. In an interview, Steve opened out that Marjorie helped him to come out of the dark depressions.

Check out the video to know more!

Anchal Gupta